Create architecture diagrams based on your Docker Compose files.


An outcome of the Inventage Code Camp 2016

What is Diagramr?

A picture is worth a thousand words. This can also be applied to Docker Compose files. Diagramr provides a visual representation of your Docker Compose file and is offered as a free service.

The diagram below is made from this Docker Compose file.

Every Docker Compose service is represented by a white box. All resources belonging to the Docker host are colored with a light orange.

Exposed ports

See which ports are exposed by the Docker host.

Links between containers

See which containers are linked together.

External Links

See which external links a container refers to.


See which volumes a container is using and if they are mapped to a specific host folder.

Volumes from

See which volumes a container is using from other containers.

Environment Files

See which environment files a container is reading.

The generated diagrams are based on the DOT graph description language. The DOT source of the diagram is also provided.

To get a diagram for your own Docker Compose file just provide the URL or the text below: